pixelscared So often we don’t chase our dreams because we’re afraid. We’re afraid of the road we must travel. Scared of possible failure, ridicule, setback…whatever it is you’re afraid of, f#@k it. No matter what you put yourself out there for, YOU CAN NOT LOOSE. If you accept that and believe that, how daring and confident would you become? It is on the battlefield of pursuit that your character is shaped. The challenges will push you, extract from you strengths that would have otherwise lay dormant. But most importantly, seeming failure can expose you to something you didn’t even know you were looking for, a new challenge, a new purpose, a new destiny. The only thing we have when it all washes up is who we become. Who we become is built on the battlefield of life. To hide behind the trees is to deprive yourself of your true greatness. Dare to believe.]]>