Part 3: Where we go: Is there a Heaven or Hell?

hell_or_heaven__by_yongl-d4lkj73This post follows on from ‘Part One: Know Someone Who is Dying’ and ‘Part Two: Where The Body Goes When It Dies’. I’d recommend reading those first for context… As mentioned in the last post everything in the universe is made up from the building blocks of energy including us as Spirit/Consciousness and Soul. Each block of energy is a part of one all encompassing electromagnetic field which is continually expanding and evolving into the infinite parameters of forever. The sole regulator and qualifier of this creative force is frequency. When we are out of the body and return to our native form as light entities we remain subject to the universal law of attraction; that which is like unto itself is drawn; or simply like attracts like. It’s all about the frequency. So when we leave the body where we go is dependant on the frequency of light that we as a spiritual entity emit. An entity that emits a lower frequency will not be on the same plane of consciousness and energy as an entity which emits a higher frequency. There are seven primary frequency based planes of life which have sometimes been referred to as the seven heavens. Each plane corresponds to an energy centre in the human body which are commonly referred to as chakras. So what determines our frequency and which plane of reality we go to? It’s our level of consciousness, it’s who we have become, it’s the prevailing attitudes we expressed in our time in the body. So you see when we look at life in the context of all eternity instead of this little flicker of time in this particular body we start to see what’s really important. There is no real achievement in life other than the emotional wisdom we accumulate and that which we become. We can have all the money, fame and following in the world but if in the end we haven’t progressed in our consciousness it has all been for little. In the same light you could be a bum on the street who lives in love and freedom, who is generous and accepting of others and all that is and who sleeps bathed in the peace of life. It is he who has achieved greatly in life and is recognised in the absolute reality of consciousness by the frequency that he is. Consciousness can be an ambiguous term in itself so let’s look at what consciousness is and what makes for lower and higher frequencies. This is a map of consciousness published by Dr Hawkins who was a world renowned psychiatrist running the largest practise in the United States as well as a PhD scholar in the field of consciousness and a spiritual teacher of equally high regard. He determined this map of consciousness through kinesiological research and verified it through thousands of independent experiments, kinesiology is a very interesting topic worthy of further study but I won’t delve into it here. Essentially thoughts and the resulting emotions all create energy at a given frequency, the map of consciousness gives us a guide as to the hierarchy of emotional frequency and corresponding So what this map shows is an algorithmic scale of consciousness. The scale shows the full range of consciousness frequency obtainable within a body. 0 (zero) would mean death and 1000 is the highest frequency a human body can handle in its central nervous system and was the consciousness level of such great teachers as Siddhārtha Gautama (The Buddha) and Jesus of Nazareth. Of key importance is the fact that all emotional states or frequencies below 200 are considered non-integrous and not supportive or destructive to life. This map of consciousness is really a whole discussion in itself but essentially it helps give context to the concept of consciousness and the emotional frequencies that make up the progressive understandings. The seven levels of consciousness which correspond to the seven planes of life/ seven heavens can be generalised by the predominant attitudes emotionally expressed by the entity. The first level is associated to sexual exploit and survival, the second level is associated to fear and victimisation, the third is associated to pride and power over others, the forth feeling love, the fifth expressing love, the sixth seeing all things as part of the one creative force, and the seventh the realisation that you and the creative force are one in the same. As for hell great news, hell as it is known is a fallacy, a mechanism to control through fear, it exists in the consciousness of those that give it reality but that is all. Having said that though, entities whose consciousness abides in the love and peace of the 5th or 6th plane of life may think that the 2nd or 3rd levels which dwell in victimisation, greed and power would be quite hellish places to exist but it’s not the case when you reason it through. Think of it this way. If you were a very loving person and went to a particular pub where the patrons were typically critical and judgemental of others, who thought of themselves as victims of life and continually sort to see themselves as superior to others and seeking power over them, you may think that it was a terrible place and incredibly draining, but for those of like consciousness that’s where they feel comfortable for that’s who they are and the frequency at which their consciousness resonates. Similarly they wouldn’t feel comfortable frequenting a social occasion where the harps are playing and everyone is hugging it out and expressing their love for each other. So in the beautiful perfect harmony of the ultimate reality everyone is simply drawn to that which they are. There is no great judgemental deity waiting to unleash wrath upon you or checking you have the correct religious affiliation. There is no judgement of anything you have done for all is already accounted for in the totality of your being and that which you have become. The assessment of life is exact, perfect and absolute, it can not be corrupted nor cheated. It has no bias and no favour, it simply is. The light of your consciousness resonates at a frequency and it will be drawn unto the same, it is simply universal law. So if you want to know exactly where you will go when your body dies, look within yourself for there lies your kingdom, built to your own design. With or without a body that is your abode, your ultimate reality.]]>

Part 2: What happens when the body dies.

“Know someone who is dying?” Molecular ThoughtsBefore thinking about where we go after this journey have you ever contemplated where we really are now? The wave of social consciousness is incredibly powerful and can so easily wash us down the same path as so many before us, but what if we stop for just a minute and let the masses swarm past us while we take a look around and see what’s really going on. When we start peeling back the layers we start to see that nothing is really what it seems. Everything is, as many sages have said throughout the ages, one big illusion. I know when reading that statement the intellect wants to shut the comment down as mystical mumbo jumbo but let’s take a quick look at some areas of the reality we think we know before we move on to where we go from here. Science has shown that everything in the universe is made up of the same stuff, you, me, the stars, the oceans, the air, the sun, everything. We are all made up of subatomic particles which make up Atoms. These are tiny units of vibrating energy. So even the rock or the piece of steel at the atomic level is very much moving. Not only is every piece of seemingly solid matter vibrating it is also about 99.999999999% empty space. So the first key point here is that everything without exception in this universe is made from the same building blocks of vibrating energy. Energy = Building blocks of all that exists. Now about a hundred years ago the field of Quantum Mechanics was born with what is in my opinion the most significant discovery of all time. This discovery finally bridged the gap between science and spirituality. It was called the ‘Double Slit Experiment’ and has been replicated ten’s of thousands of times since with never a single deviation in the outcome. (This is a blog post so I’m conscious of the length so I’ll include a video for those interested or wanting to know more about the experiment). Essentially what the experiment concludes is that the subatomic particles from which everything in the universe is made do not collapse into a set definable form until someone is actually looking at them or what is termed a ‘conscious observer’ is present. Now this is pretty epic so you may need to look into this to gain a greater understanding if you haven’t been aware of this until now. It means that all subatomic particles remain in the form of potentials or probabilities until we as a conscious observer look at them. Put bluntly, nothing exists as we believe it does until we are looking at it. This isn’t mystical philosophy, this is cold hard science replicated thousands of times with not a single variance. So the big point here is that when everything is broken down, all reality, the whole universe, all there is comes down to two things, consciousness and energy, joined at the hip. That’s all there is. Together they are the building blocks for everything we experience in the life that we know. Consciousness + Energy = Reality So there is two mind blowing aspects to this conclusion. The first is clearly that the very matter which makes up the world to which we attribute absolute reality doesn’t even exist in our accepted form until we look upon it. The second point is that our consciousness is inextricably connected to all the subatomic particles which make up the reality we perceive. Now once we look upon the world and the subatomic waves of potential collapse to particles and thus make up the the world we see, is everything even then what we really think it is? What if I said to you there was no such thing as colour? Well there isn’t in any real sense. Colour only exists in our brain because that’s how our brain interprets the light frequency given off by the things we look upon. The rose isn’t red as we think it is. The rose emits light at a particular frequency and our brain receives that frequency and converts it to what we perceive in our brain and experience as ‘red’. Ever heard the riddle “If a tree falls in the woods does it make a noise?”, well does it? No it doesn’t. Sound doesn’t exist either outside of our brain. Sound is simply a vibration or wave caused through displaced air or water, it doesn’t make any noise. The sound is a perception in our brain caused by the ear drum receiving the wave and converting it to what we know to be sound. What about smells? Same thing, they are simply molecules and give off no aroma, smell is simply the receptors in our brain converting the molecules to a perception of smell. Well there must be touch right? No not even touch.In a real sense we never make contact with anything we touch. Whenever we try to touch things the electrons from our bodies and the object we wish to touch repel each other like two magnets so they never actually touch. The world we think we live in all happens in the brain, it doesn’t exist in any real sense. Our bodies are an incredibly advanced virtual reality suit in which we can experience the creations of our consciousness. Let’s touch more on the connection between consciousness and energy… Doctor Emoto did some amazing experiments with ice crystals whereby water which was abused and hated upon could not form ice crystals when frozen or if it did freeze it was very deformed. Water that was shown love and gratitude would freeze and make beautiful crystals. a32ee7a4c6b9ecb92e9f69f7159c46b9 This experiment can be replicated with a bowl of rice and some water (we have replicated this experiment in our office and verified the result) if you put labels of hate on one bowl of rice and labels of love on another bowl of rice and then speak to the rice with the respective hate and love each day, after a couple of weeks the rice which received the hate will begin to rot and stink and the rice given love will stay good and give off a pleasant aroma. The key point here is that every building block of energy is connected and our consciousness is the puppet master, the law maker. We create our own reality through our consciousness… Consciousness + Energy = Reality Let’s digress for a moment for the purpose of a quick thought experiment. When we are dreaming does it feel real at the time we are dreaming? It does right? At the time we are dreaming that is our known reality, we can see things, we can touch things, we can see colour, we can feel happy, we can feel scared, we can have sexual experiences and our body will react as if they were all real. Well they were real in our consciousness at the time, weren’t they? What happens when we wake up? We assume a higher state of conscious awareness and we recognise the contents of the dream as being an illusion of the mind. The only ‘Real’ aspect of the illusory dream was the fabric of consciousness that created it. Now what’s to say that our waking state in which we go about our normal lives is the highest level of awareness and the absolute reality? Well it isn’t. We are in the same scenario as when we dream just in a more convincing and detailed array of sensory stimulation. This is why the great spiritual teachers have always referred to the world as we know it to be an illusion. Similarly to awaking from a sleeping dream state, awaking from the waking illusory state and viewing things from a higher state of conscious awareness it can be seen that this ‘reality’ is likewise made up from the same fabric of consciousnesses, it’s all a game, a school of learning and sensory exposure for the emotional wisdom derived. If this is the case, what is the higher reality, where must one be in order to recognise such an illusion? The only true reality is life itself, the fabric of life is consciousness and energy, from this all else arises. So you see ‘afterlife’ is quite an inaccurate term because where you go when the body dies is simply to another plane of life. You simply return to that whence you came, life, consciousness and energy. When the body dies we are simply discarding the virtual reality suit because that game is over, yet many more adventures await. Next: Part 3: Where we go: Is there a Heaven or Hell?]]>

Part 1: Know someone who is dying?

heart-monitorThe basis that props up all fears is the fear of death. For most the great unknown. When it comes to the ‘afterlife’ where are you placing your bets? There is the eternal sleep of oblivion, sounds restful but kind of shit. Or depending on religious beliefs there are pearly gates and harp playing angels or maybe a bunch of virgins, sounds better but many find that hard to believe and there is also the fact that if we haven’t signed on the dotted line of said religion or if we’ve been bad we’re off to burn in hell for an eternity with the devil cracking the whip, man that really sucks. It’s really no wonder that we live in fear and mourn so heavily when the body of a loved one gets lowered into the ground or when one of our beloved is facing their own mortality. Death and time have in the minds of men become inextricably connected. Our lives become the panicked pursuit to fulfill personal, family and social expectations so that maybe we can deem our life to have been of value and our sense of self complete. As our lives progress and we find these expectations ever more insatiable we become more and more emotionally burdened with regret, disappointment, envy, resentment and comparison. Heavy is the shadow cast upon our backs by time and looming death. Pretty depressing? Absolutely. Especially given it is entirely unnecessary and of our own creation. It’s time we free ourselves from the only hell that exists and that is in the hearts and minds of those that give credence to such a belief. Maybe you’ve noticed that when meeting someone facing their own mortality they appear to eventually handle it much better than those around them. These brothers have been forced to look at what in life is really important and they quickly realise that most things that generate such misery in people are of no real importance whatsoever. As they become freed from the burden of expectations, they finally start to explore states of allowing, pure being, and peace. Unfortunately for family and friends while there is the undeniable sorrow of the impending loss of a loved one there is also the fact that the concept of death which we all try so hard to hide somewhere in the back of our minds is now right in front of us, this brings the spotlight on our own life and mortality and can induce the lower emotions as well as much fear. These emotions stack on top of the primary sorrow attached to losing someone close and a heavy burden is born. The beloved one who is often finding their own peace can now find themselves surrounded by well meaning yet emotionally overwhelmed family and friends which inadvertently envelope the beloved in their own lower emotions and fear. Never admitted but often can exist a paradoxical desire for the end to hasten and when it arrives family and friends find the end a relief knowing that the beloved is at peace. Without realising it the relief is often also related to the fact that death is no longer held in such immediate vicinity, reminding all associated that their time draws ever nearer. Those who remain can once again resign death to the distant depths of consciousness. In order to find our own peace in life and be able to project the strength and comfort of that peace into the being of our beloved we must broaden our understanding of what really happens when the body dies. The first thing to understand is the fact that we are not our bodies. How cruel would life be if we were but a body to live in a flicker of time and then disintegrate into dust. We are Spirit and Soul. The spirit of our being also known as the auric field is our consciousness, it surrounds our entire embodiment and is what commands the body. The reason why scientists can’t figure out how the brain creates consciousness is because it doesn’t. The brain is an incredibly intricate receiving unit which receives thoughts from the flow of consciousness in our auric field. The thoughts are tiny little bursts of light and when the brain receives them they are amplified and then make their way to the pineal gland in the brain which further amplifies them and sends them as electrical current through the central nervous system to every cell in your body. When the cells receive this spark of electrical current it ignites the gases in the cell which causes them to expand and clone themselves. The chemical reaction that takes place in the expansion and cloning of these cells is felt in the body as the rush of what we know to be feeling or emotion. When understanding this it becomes self-evident that the quality of our thoughts directly affects the well-being of our body. Every thought impacts every cell. This brings us to our Soul. Our soul is the memory of our being and is a body of intense energy lodged in a cavity next to your heart. As described above, every thought we have generates a feeling or an emotion in our body. The creation of the emotion generates an energetic signature unique to that feeling and it is that which is stored in the soul. Every emotion we have ever felt is stored in the soul and by virtue of recalling that emotional energy imprint the associated thoughts and visual reference surrounding it can be reignited energetically in our consciousness, this is how it is done without a brain or body. The body is nothing more than a garment we wear so as to experience this plane of form through the senses of the body for the prize of emotional understanding. It is the understanding and wisdom born of these feelings and emotions that is ours for all time, the soul is the only carry-on bag we are allowed. Sorry the 70inch TV stays as does the shiny new car. So we are Spirit and Soul, the Spirit is our consciousness, a wisp of light which allows to it thought that is in line with our creative will and spiritual understanding. Our Soul is the memory of every feeling we have ever had. Together this is what we are, a sovereign light entity, connected and at one with all that exists yet endowed with individuality through free will and soul memory. What we are can never die nor be destroyed. We are intelligent, brilliantly vibrant light energy, and we are eternal. So let’s talk about the taboo of death next… Next: What Happens When The Body Dies.]]>