Great sex, unconditional love, and how life showed the way

9.26.CC.RethinkingGodsUnconditionalLove_873086017Have you ever had a relationship end and then go back to that person after the break up and have sex? Come on tell the truth… yes I’m pretty sure we’ve all done it. So anyway how was it? It was great wasn’t it? It had a whole different dynamic to it did it not? Have you ever wondered why that was so?

Relationships can be a challenging endeavour because in many ways we’re never as vulnerable as when we’re putting ourselves on the line for what we hope will be love. We all have insecurities and preferences and we all defend them and express them in different ways. When you bring two people together with all these dynamics co-mingling it can be difficult to find harmony and certainly a challenge to create futile soil upon which to nurture the delicate seedlings of love. When we enter a conventional relationship whether aware of it or not, we create a third party structure which I’ll call ‘the relationship’. We have ourselves, we have the other person and now we have ‘the relationship’. This relationship contains the structured agreement that unites us and our partner and within it we place our progressively evolving expectations of the other, our rules, our absolutely not’s, our sometimes but only in these circumstances’, and whatever else we feel defines the unwritten agreement of our union known as ‘the relationship’. Okay great now we’re in a relationship and it has structure and definition. Oh no, here’s where the challenges start to arise. We have created a very fearful scenario because half of the adherence to this agreement called ‘the relationship’ is out of our control. Here we are in a position where we have great emotional investment and therefore inherent vulnerability and we can’t even defend it because someone else holds half the power of adherence. Therein lies the desire to control the uncontrollable. So this is where we see possession, control, and so called compromise come in. We are both afraid of our respective vulnerability so we must look to mitigate the risk. More conditions are added to ‘the relationship’. No you can’t do that I don’t want you to spend time with this person or that person I don’t like it when you do this I’m really uncomfortable with you doing that Please be home by… We have now created a situation of mutual enslavement founded in fear. The irony is that we carry on our lives saying this is the person we love yet the fruit of true love can not be born of fear. The highest love is without condition. How can unconditional love be grown in a garden of conditions? This was the scenario I recently found myself in, snookered. I so sort to uncover the highest form of love yet ‘the relationship’ blocked me because of how it was constructed. As long as my emotional stake in ‘the relationship’ had to be defended on account of my fear, any love that existed was conditional on the terms of agreement and therefore not really love at all. Even though I was in what most would call an incredibly harmonious relationship, it didn’t matter, my insecurities had become inextricably combined with ‘the relationship’. Defending such a fear based structure can be emotionally intensive work, always at the ready, always trying to foresee where your stake in ‘the relationship’ could be breached, compromised, or undermined. Defend, defend, defend, fear, fear, fear. My mind had become a house divided against itself. The more I cared about this beautiful woman, the higher my emotional investment in ‘the relationship’, which created more associated vulnerability and fear, producing more prevalent insecurities. The more I cared, the more I feared. I was going to destroy us and I could see it. And so I ended ‘the relationship’. I couldn’t do it anymore because it wasn’t how I wanted to live or who I wanted to be. I wasn’t prepared to see the beautiful connection we had so enjoyed be destroyed through mounting fear based insecurities. I may not have been able to find the elusive unconditional love but I knew I cared about her enough to protect her from what I had seen in myself as a result of insecurities in previous relationships. I wasn’t going to let that become the enduring memory of our time together so I ended it on a high so that the beauty of us would be frozen as it was. On the surface everything was great so she never saw it coming, nor did I. It broke her heart. I was trying to do something that wasn’t done, end a relationship before it deteriorates, before the resentment and bitterness creep in. I wanted to scoop the huge stack of chips off the table and walk away with us on top. We both cried, I’ve never looked so ugly. I tried to explain my reasoning but I knew it was almost impossible to understand. Why would you throw away something seemingly so good? It was so hard because I was creating such pain and it would be so easy to end all the pain and just carry on as things were but I truly felt it was the right thing to do for us both so while being thrown around in the rapids of emotion I held on to that knowingness as if it was a little stick of truth extended to me from the riverside, I just gripped on and tried to ride out the emotional torrents. When the emotions had settled a quite remarkable thing happened. As I began thinking about her and what would typically have been incredibly fearful thoughts of her moving on and potentially being with someone else, all I could think of was that I genuinely just wanted her to be happy and whatever or whomever that meant to her was okay. A deep and profound realisation flooded through my very being. I had burned ‘the relationship’ to the ground. There was no longer anything to defend, I no longer had a vested stake in what was a greenhouse of insecurity and fear. There were no longer any conditions. I knew in that moment that I had finally found it. There it was amongst the ashes of ‘the relationship’ like a beautiful sparkling jewel, so incredibly rare and precious, sort by all and found by few. Pure love. Unconditional love. I had found it where I least expected, going hand in hand with her absolute freedom. I now know by virtue of my own experience and indeed the crucible of pain that fear can be transmuted into love. It is indeed the Alchemy of life. When all arms were laid down and defences given up, when all fears were embraced did they fall away and there true love stood revealed. It is now my absolute belief that the greatest love gives total freedom, the greatest love understands that the divine gift of free will must be preserved as the highest priority and not subjugated on account of another’s fear, or insecurity, or limitation in thought. It is from the highest love of my Self that I too now claim and preserve my own freedom. It is the divine right of every soul to be free and to move through this life as they feel best serves them. So often it is those that we think we love that we inadvertently commit upon them the greatest sacrilege of spirit, that being the subjugation of their free will and total freedom. Since dismantling ‘the relationship’ this beautiful soul and I have come together as two free spirits to enjoy each other’s company in whatever way we decide to and in every aspect it has been electric. From conversation to sexual expression. We are two totally free entities choosing to share experiences when we feel drawn to do so. Insecurities are far less prevalent because their is no ‘relationship’ to defend. Those that come up are easier to productively process internally because you don’t tend to emotionally react to arising insecurity because you know you have no authority in the name of ‘the relationship’ to question or condemn. In interrupting the reaction you have a chance to face the fear and let the surging emotional wave internally crash, allowing the energy to dissipate and be released. Obligations, expectations, fear and control have been replaced by unconditional love, spontaneity and freedom of expression. Everything is electric and alive, everything is free. When the highest love is present it flow’s toward the highest good for all and entwined within it is transparency and honesty. So therein lies the divine dichotomy, there appears to be no emotional security in such a connection, yet when pure love is the bed upon which you lie, that is your comfort, no ‘relationship’ with its conditional illusory security need exist. By removing the cage and offering the canary it’s absolute freedom it doesn’t necessarily fly away. It is however an acknowledgement that it does not belong to you and it’s choice to stay or go is its own and indeed honoured. As long as it stays, so magnificent is it to look upon. It is spontaneous, it is unpredictable, and it is free in its very nature. It is because of this freedom that its very decision to remain in your presence holds you spellbound at its intricate beauty. So of course this all flies in the face of everything society is accustomed to and it is certainly uncharted territory for myself personally. I don’t know how it will all play out, but that uncertainty is the nature of freedom and the free choice of another. It is however within that freedom that there is incredible magic to be experienced. I know that above all I will no longer impede the freedom of another and in each moment with every decision I will reach for the courage to choose freedom over control, and love over fear.      ]]>

How Interstellar Frequency Shifts and Solar Flashes will change your life forever

The graphs I started coming across were quite extraordinary.

earthquakes usgs graph08

Now I think by now we are all pretty aware of global warming in terms of the greenhouse effect and the degree to which humanity through insatiable greed and the quest for bigger, better, more at any cost is quite simply fucking up our planet.

imagesUltimately we all must share responsibility for that however what I am wanting to talk about here isn’t the greenhouse effect or global warming as we know it, but what progressively unfolded as the much larger picture of energetic change which is progressively developing in our solar system. Since the 1950’s our Solar system has been moving, by virtue of its galactic cycle, into an unimaginably enormous interstellar cloud of high energy particles. This intense cloud of energy is impacting our entire solar system and leading to significant behavioural changes in our Sun and it’s electromagnetic field. The Sun has been radiating significantly more energy across the solar system and progressively raising the earth’s resonant frequency. Much of the escalating environmental instability which can be scientifically and anecdotally observed around the world is now being attributed to this energetic phenomenon and while certainly not absolving the greenhouse effect, superseding it in almost all respects as the holistic causal factor. Now there are two key areas of impact that reliable sources predict as being inevitable and imminent.
  • The first is the dramatic shift in frequency that will take place within the earth itself and its electromagnetic field.
  • The second is the ongoing environmental reaction that will take place on account of intense energy and pressure changes within the Earth.
It’s anyone’s guess when it comes to time frames so for the sake of putting my dollar on the table and giving a frame of reference, I believe we’ll see the process reach a climax within a decade, potentially much sooner. We must remember that this isn’t a matter of whether it will take place for it already is and has been for sixty years, the only question remaining is when it will complete. In this first post I’d like to focus firstly on the frequency shift and likely implications on mankind as well as all biological life forms and offer some thoughts based on my own experience. In a second post on this issue I’d like to discuss the potential environmental impacts. SolarSystemChanges The Frequency Shift Before we get too much into this process, it’s important to understand that evolution is first born in consciousness. The physical evolution of any biological being then results as an out-pressing of the newly evolved consciousness. I wrote about the true nature of our being as frequency based consciousness briefly in the context of a prior post which you may find of benefit to read so as to better frame an understanding of how evolution is a function of escalating frequency power. So why should we care if the frequency of our Earth environment changes? Well think of it this way, if you tune a radio to a particular frequency you pick up everything that is being transmitted on that frequency, does that make sense? Well it works in a similar way when we consider our material reality. We, along with everything we engage with in respect to matter, exists on our bandwidth of frequency. We are all vibrating within a specific frequency range which could also be called a specific dimension of reality. Still with me? Awesome. Now when the changes in the Earth’s resonant frequency reach a critical threshold, the Earth, similar to turning the tuning knob on the radio, changes channel.
This eventual threshold change in frequency will amount to a dimensional shift in our reality.
So what does that mean? That means that the solar system as a whole and the Earth specifically, are evolving. These are very exciting times. This opportunity literally only comes around every 25,000 years as a galactic cycle. Okay so why should we care? Well as the solar system and Earth evolve they move upward and onward on the ladder of frequency power/consciousness. To use our radio analogy the entire solar system is changing channel. It’s important to understand that if we want to be able to operate as a biological system within a reorganised material reality that resides on an evolved frequency channel, WE must be able to likewise evolve into that new frequency. WE as consciousness are currently expressing in our body as a biological mechanism on planet Earth. Our biological system will be, as will everything else in the solar system, progressively bombarded with higher frequency energy in what amounts to compulsory evolution if we’re to keep riding this experience train called Earth. Think of it this way, if the water level of the ocean rises all that floats on the ocean must also rise. As exciting as these times are, there is a degree of preparation that I personally feel one would do well to undertake in such times as these. The preparations are simply associated to raising ones frequency of consciousness in an effort to meet the unfolding environmental dynamic so that a transition is as smooth as possible. Effectively we want to pre-empt as much of the consciousness evolution as we can. The effects on mankind that this frequency shift will have are speculation at this point, however I will share my views of which I do have some supporting personal experience which I’ll talk about more in posts to come. The likely positive outcome will be the progressive integration of our metaphysical abilities. Essentially the frequency will be the ideal environment for the full opening and utilisation of the pineal gland which bridges the physical perception with the non-physical. I want to keep this post grounded and not too esoteric so I’ll leave it at that for now.radplot_strip Now the difficulty one will likely experience in this transition will be proportionate to the gap which exists between their current consciousness level and that of the new earth resonant frequency. The bigger the gap the more difficulty will likely be encountered. What happens as our consciousness evolves is we begin to move into a stronger frequency which is behaviorally expressed as unconditional love, compassion, understanding, kindness, acceptance, humility, equanimity and selflessness, among other virtuous qualities. Now what must happen in order for this to take place is everything that is in our consciousness/psyche that doesn’t support these attributes or is in contrast to them must be let go. Think of our consciousness as having a section which holds all our shadow (low frequency) elements, the hatred, the bitterness, the resentment, the need for revenge, the grudges, the jealousies, the prejudices, the arrogance, the unworthiness, the victimisation, and on and on… As the evolution takes place all of these shadow elements by virtue of their lower frequency are squeezed up and out of the depths of our psyche so that they can be looked at, addressed, felt and then released. This can be a challenging unfolding and if one is undergoing such a process you would want to have cleared out the closet as much as you can before everything gets drawn up. Think of it this way, if you have ever experienced LSD or other like substances you will understand that when taking these types of recreational drugs you tend to keep ‘Set and Setting’ front of mind. ‘Set’ meaning your mindset, the importance of having the right mindset before taking the drug and ‘Setting’ being the preference to have the right people around you, a safe and comfortable setting. Why is that? It’s because recreational drug users, especially those of consciousness expanding psychedelics, know that if you don’t take this into account and your mind isn’t in the right place, the drugs are going to take you to deeper areas of consciousness where everything is accentuated one hundred fold. So if you are feeling negative emotions or are in an environment that could induce them, you are setting yourself up for a ‘bad trip’. Can you imagine someone’s state of mind if they were not only dwelling on a few negative thoughts but had the entire shadow of their psyche drawn up and then took four tabs of acid? Shit’s going to get fucked up and you aren’t going to want to be near that person. Whereas in contrast give the acid to someone loving life with a pure heart and they will be skipping through the fields while talking to the butterflies and giving thanks to the angels for love and life. You see the same catalyst can bring very different results depending on the consciousness it engages. This is why this energy is an amazing opportunity and to be celebrated while still warranting some caution and reasonably diligent preparation from 99.9% of us.
The key point of this post is this: In anticipation of these changes and of our own volition, it would be well for us to purge as much of our shadow as possible in order to raise our vibration.
In my humble view the importance of this cannot be overstated. If the differential between a biological entities consciousness and the new resting Earth frequency it too great, that biological entity in my opinion will not be able to physically continue in the Earth environment. I have written before about Nature’s need for balance and it would appear that the hour is upon us. We are at the very precipice of a new age, the dawn of a new civilisation has arrived. Just as the time has come for us to rise above our shadow elements and purge them from our individual consciousness, we must also grasp the blunt truth that the Earth is doing the same.   Magnetosphere_rendition —————————————————————————————————————– If you would like to explore the scientific in’s and outs then I would recommend as a starting point these resources. Planetophysical State of Earth and Life. – Dr Alexey Dmitriev The Transformation of the Solar System – David Wilcock (David also has a couple of shows on Gaia TV which has detailed the phenomenon in many episodes if you’re a member of the site Many Videos can be searched on Youtube There’s also the movie ‘Solar Revolution’ which is worth a look  ]]>