Free Tickets to The World’s Biggest Waterslide

wbwLast year we launched theFreemanX Foundation, it’s still very much early days however we hold high hopes for the positive influence we’ll be able to achieve in New Zealand through this charity in time. This post isn’t about our charity however but about a charity a friend of mine Daniel Drupsteen who along with Jimi Hunt established last year to support the education and awareness of depression. The Charity is called Live More Awesome. They have gone out and with the help of many volunteers and generous people built the world’s biggest waterslide! You can view details As you can imagine the desire to have a go has been huge and their 2000 tickets (1000 this Sat and 1000 this Sun) have all sold out… I do however have a couple of spare tickets I’d like to give away for free. I would like to give them to people who for whatever reason need an injection of fun, positivity, and can do attitude in their lives… if you know someone like that and you feel is deserving please tell me the circumstances in a comment and you could be sending them down the world’s biggest waterslide this weekend!