**Evolution must find balance and harmony. Are we proud of the human race to which we are part? Of what accomplishment does man stand in pride? Nuclear fusion? Going to the moon? Tall buildings? Yet we continue to destroy all that is infinitely beautiful around us. Splurging the true wealth we inherited like a spoilt child of his father’s riches…showing off to all and sundry our self-centered shiney glory at the cost of our collective soul. We have existed for but a drop in the ocean of time; yet our planet burns with the ache of our presence. As a species we just aren’t getting the hint. Nature screams for our attention yet we lie numb; deafened by the sound of industry. Must we wait for nature to correct our ill? Animals evolve with anti-predator capabilities, need we convincing that mother nature herself can’t evolve in self preservation? Maybe not in a hundred years or a thousand; but balance and harmony will be restored, either by our hand or another, it is universal law. **Global culture must find balance and harmony. Cultures of indigenous peoples focused on the land; respect of mother earth; spiritual connection to harmony a vein through ritual and custom. Nature was respected and her gifts celebrated. Too high is the price of ‘progress’; the devil counts his souls. Now what do we stand for; what culture do we call our own? Our children are born to the world with a consciousness principled on pure joy and wonder. Judgement, hate and fear have no place with a child. For a brief moment we protect their fragile perfection, their entertainment is rich with moral fibre and virtue. Cometh of age and their mind deemed ready for pollution; media gives only what we crave; culture now corrupts; we poison our adolescent minds; our own hand in its making. Anger, violence, despair, disappointment and greed become the dominant diet of consciousness. We feast on the fear. Adulthood arrives and slaves we have become; our dreams but memories. Fear holds the majority in the culture of influence. We become more sheep than the very herds we muster. The slaves that dragged the Egyptian queens were more free than we. Our chains are harder to see but exist no less. Money, power and celebrity take their place at the throne; all gather for worship. If a man speaks from atop his riches his words are coated in the same gold upon which he stands. Those who seek an awakened culture where man shines from within are ignored, because they stand detached from all that society worships. The masses dismiss the value of a man’s words if he speaks them from a shack draped in cheap robes. This need not be our destiny. Faith in mankind remains when our potential is served. Discovering our inner genius and brilliance delivers natures purification of consciousness; salvation’s key. A mankind driven by a consciousness immersed in the expressions of the soul is a mankind to which we can all be proud. Let love, compassion, understanding, joy, hope and wonder deliver us back from the valley of power and greed. Technological and industrial development no doubt has it’s place; there must though be balance. Within the indigenous cultures the counterweights exist. Let us find a culture of balance and harmony. For a culture to evolve to a place of harmony, those of the culture must evolve to the same.. **Individuals must find balance and harmony. We must take back personal responsibility. Man’s evolution must include that of his consciousness; his path to enlightenment; the awakening of his potential. The living of a life full and rich of all natures emotional gifts his reward. Without the evolution of consciousness, the wheels of industry drive us toward our own demise.  Life is becoming ever easier; yet without the evolution of consciousness our meaning in life dissolves and our happiness with it. A sunset is most enjoyed after the longest darkness; we perform at our best when our backs are against the wall; our hearts open widest to spirituality when facing our mortality. Struggle and deprivation the commonalities to the best in us. Outside can not exist without inside. We know not beauty without knowing ugliness. Equally all life’s emotional joys, profound happiness and fulfilment can not exist in full potency without struggle, obstacle and deprivation. Striving justly in the face of obstacle in service of a greater good is what our soul longs for. The wealthier we become; the less struggle and deprivation we experience; the less contrast exists; the less appreciation there is; We are inadvertently destroying ourselves, choking off that which we really are. Inner courage our course to correction. The battlefield is no longer the Roman front or the beaches of Gallipoli. Our mind, our consciousness the battleground in this age; our enemy all things that stand between us and our natural state of harmony. We must find the same courage on our battlefield as our forefathers found on theirs; more than ever at stake. Victory and all of nature’s gifts remain; happiness, love, joy; abundance, for all of life’s warriors . Enough warriors and the future is bright and assured of the same. It’s time to take responsibility for who we are and who we are capable of becoming; what we are capable of contributing. The battle rages with or without us; dare not look on from behind the trees. Regret; anxiety; sadness; guilt; all shadows cast by the trees of cowardice. What will become of your mind? The greatest of servants or the most wretched master; the proponent of fear and paralysis or the gatekeeper graciously giving way to your inner genius and greatness? What of a world filled with realised potential; da Vinci, Plato, Muhammad Ali, Beethoven, Bruce lee, Mother Teresa, Ghandi? There are no great men; only men who are prepared to discover their greatness. What of a world where we were all awakened to the purity of our inner ideals? All the gold of a nation could not buy. Buddha, Laozi, Jesus, all men who lived in that place. Why do we insist to elevate them to unreachable heights; build around them an institution and claim religion for all to worship. We drop quickly to our knees rather than stand tall knowing that no greater men were they than we. Let them stand as they were; men as you and I; example of our potential. Look close to their message and to this thought I am sure they give blessing. Gods too need no idle audience. True homage is not paid on our knees. Let us honour our Gods on our feet; honour them with each virtuous step. Honour them with the respect of responsibility. Know that our Gods need no interpreter for they already have our ear, we need only listen. In selfless virtue we never walk alone; for the man in harmony sea’s will part and the mountain’s move; the universal law conspires to his will. The time for the many to be lead by the few has past. Too often we have looked to the few for their answers; taken refuge in their vision; allowed their spirit to sustain our own. We have given our gaze outward in reverence and worship when our own guidance and wisdom will always be inward. No fault can lie with a man whom draws assurance and inspiration from another; though quickly we must outgrow that external reliance in favor of an inner trust. It’s time for each man to lead his own actions; to take responsibility for his own potential; give fully of his own gifts. The future of mankind is directed by our collective culture; our collective culture directed by us. We must listen to that inner voice that pleads for our courage and yearns to be manifested in all our deeds. Martin Luther King had a dream; it’s time to dream again. The vision of the few it cannot be. We all dream; yet few stand guard of those dreams; fewer still fight for their survival. We must now rise up against the formless oppressor of all men. The light within us grows dim if we allow; let us not stand in the shadows of the courageous; let the only shadow cast upon us be that of our skyward sword. Let our lives become our message, let all we are and all we might be shine brightly through every breath. Let our children look upon us and behold man’s true greatest. For all men the wolf of apathy and fear stands confronting the wolf of hope and courage; to which will you cast your final meal?]]>

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