Owen Evans and the Castrol Trophy

Castrol Trophy Confused? Don’t be it’s actually really straight forward… Many people have asked me to clarify the Castrol trophy, so here we go… It’s long been considered that the Castrol Trophy represented the Fastest Land Speed Record on the books. We believed that, MotorsportNZ told us that, we had that on our permit (below) to attempt on our survey approved 1KM course on Saturday. Record-Permit Motorsport NZ Record Attempt Permit When we broke Owen Evans Flying KM Land Speed Record on Saturday we thought we were entitled to that trophy in line with the understanding and communication we had received. The Castrol Trophy has been around for generations and everyone seemed shocked and a little confused when Owen Evans came forward and said it said “Flying Mile” on the trophy. From that point we didn’t want the trophy, firstly it doesn’t represent what we thought it did ( the fastest Land Speed Record) and secondly the flying mile isn’t a category we attempted. We were never trying to claim a mile record with our KM record, we simply were under the understanding the trophy went to the fastest Land Speed Record Holder which we believe in it’s inception it probably was intended to be, but measurements change and the flying KM was introduced as a qualifying distance to set a NZ Land Speed Record. Our thoughts were however, that MotorsportNZ now really needs to adapt and introduce a new recognition for the Fastest Land Speed Record in NZ, after all that’s what these Records are all about, Speed. Now this is not Owen Evans’ issue, the reality is it is his trophy and he is rightfully entitled to it… The unfortunate thing for Owen is, that it now represents the second fastest NZ Land Speed Record. Regards, Eddie Freeman Update May 13th 2013: Record Books Updated – Officially New Zealand’s Fastest Man]]>

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