The New Highlands Motorsport Park

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Grand opening of the Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell over the Easter weekend. I personally could not fault it and I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to offer the FreemanX Supercar Experience to those in the South Island and those traveling to the Queenstown region.

It’s a credit to Tony Quinn (the track owner) and his team for delivering such superb facilities in such a short space of time. What a great development for Cromwell, the greater Queenstown region, and New Zealand as a whole.
It always excites me to see people show the balls to dive into these all in developments fueled by passion and determination to make it work despite the ever incumbent nay sayers… It was only a few years ago that Tony Roberts and Chris Watson brought their dream to reality with the opening of Hampton Downs Motorsport Park in Meremere, this feat deserves special credit given the financial obstacles faced and the unbelievably draining and expensive process of resource consent they spend years battling. I am very grateful for their determination and personal sacrifice to establish Hampton Downs without which we would never have had the opportunity to launch FreemanX Supercars. I believe the process of resource concent needs to be seriously looked at. As it currently stands its the elephant in the room forever discouraging grand scheme developments in the private sector. These all in entrepreneurial feats need to be supported not impeded after all they provide the backbone of this countries ability to progress and keep pace with the wider world… 20130403-155017.jpg

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